Orlando Schwery

Postdoctoral Researcher
Southeastern Louisiana University
Dept. of Biological Sciences

I am a visiting scholar in the Phyleaux-Lab, while I am an SNSF Mobility postdoctoral fellow in Josef Uyeda's Lab at Virginia Tech. My current research addresses model adequacy testing and causal inference for diversification models.

I did my BSc. and MSc. at the University of Zurich, during the former of which I worked on baculum morphology with Winand Brinkmann, during the later with Peter Linder I was working on diversification of Ericaceae. My dissertation research in the lab of Brian O'Meara at the University of Tennessee was concerned with adequacy tests for birth-death diversification models, and studying the diversification of dung beetles. My past postdoc in Emma Goldberg's Lab at the New Mexico Consortium, addressed the adequacy of trait-dependent diversification models, and my most recent postdoc in April Wright's Lab at the Southeastern Louisiana University addressed the adequacy of Fossilized Birth Death models and Learning-by-Coding teaching approaches.

You can find out more about me and my work on my own Website, see my code on GitHub, my publications on Google Scholar, or follow me on Twitter.